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We, like many - are big fans of Canva. Canva offers a comprehensive suite of design tools and resources to empower users to create stunning visuals for any project.

Similarly, the Logobean Logo Maker offers a seamless, interactive process designed to empower individuals and businesses to create unique and professional logos and brands in minutes.

After you find and download a logo that you love, simply upload your high quality, transparent logo files and brand colors to your Canva Brand Kit to grow in style.

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Canva Logo Maker Features

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High Quality Logos

Get transparent PNG & SVG logo files ready to add to your Canva Brand Kit

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Brand Color Palettes

Get a brand, not just a logo. Add your brand colors straight into your Canva Brand Kit

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AI Name Generator

Generate a name and slogan for your Canva logo using AI

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Select Styles

Select & lock in styles to refine the layouts, colors, fonts, icons & more

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Save any logos that you love to revisit, edit and preview at any time

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Fastest Logo Maker

Generate logos up to 10x faster than other online logo makers

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Live Logo Previews

See your logos in context and as you scroll with our smart live logo previews

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Logo Style Guide

See your logos, colors, fonts, previews & more - live as you scroll & create

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2. Select styles, live preview and favorite your logos

Select your logo styles to refine the generated logos, click any logo to view it in the live previews & logo style guide and favorite the logos that you love.

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3. Edit and perfect your logo

Edit any logo to perfection using our intuitive logo and rich text editors.

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4. Download your logo files & more

Once you've found the perfect logo, download and use your logo package instantly!

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FAQ - Canva Logo Maker

What is the recommended size for a Canva logo?

The recommended size for a Canva logo is typically 1000px by 1000px pixels. If your logo isn't square, then it is recommended that the longest side, whether that be your logo's width or height, is at least 1000px. This size ensures that your logo remains high quality and clear when used across various designs, platforms and mediums.

All Logobean Logo Packages include high quality, transparent PNG logos perfectly sized for use on design tools such as Canva. Premium downloads also include SVG logo files, which are infinitely scalable and can be used in your Canva designs. In other words, this means that your logo won't lose any quality when made bigger. SVG logo files are suitable for any design from a small business card or social media image, to a large scale billboard.

Do my logo files need to be transparent for Canva?

Yes, for optimal results in Canva it is recommended that your logo files are transparent. Transparency allows your logo to seamlessly blend into different backgrounds and designs without any unwanted white or colored backgrounds interfering with your overall design aesthetic.

Transparent logos are included in all Logobean Logo Package downloads and will allow for versatility and professional presentation across your Canva designs and projects.

How do I upload my logo(s) to Canva?

After downloading your transparent PNG or SVG logo files in Logobean, you can add your logos to Canva in 2 ways:

1. (Recommended) Adding your logo files to a Canva Brand Kit (Canva Pro users only)

  1. In Canva, navigate to 'Brand' located on the homepage side panel.
  2. Click 'Brand Kits'.
  3. If you haven't added a brand yet, click '+ Add New', otherwise click on the brand that you wish to add your new logos to.
  4. Next to Logos, click '+ Add New' and then click 'Upload logos'.
  5. Choose the logo file(s) that you wish to load. Note that Canva supports JPG, PNG & SVG formats.

2. Adding your logo files to your Canva uploads (Free Canva Users)
  1. In Canva, navigate to the editor side panel and click on the 'Uploads' tab.
  2. Select 'Upload files'.
  3. Select the files that you wish to add. Note that you can also drag and drop your logo files here.
  4. To use your uploaded logo files in any design, simply click on it from the side panel. You can come back to it at any time by navigating to your 'Uploads'.

How do I add my brand colors to Canva?

  1. In Canva, navigate to 'Brand' located on the homepage side panel.
  2. Click 'Brand Kits'.
  3. If you haven't added a brand yet, click '+ Add New', otherwise click on the brand that you wish to add your brand color palette to.
  4. In Canva, navigate to the 'Colors' section of your Brand Kit click
  5. Next - you have two options. If you want to add your new brand colors to an existing color palette, navigate to that palette and click '+ Add New' on the next available color slot. Alternatively, you can create a new color palette by clicking '+ Add New' on the top right of your Colors section, and then clicking '+ Add a custom palette'.
  6. Now that you're ready to add a color to your new or existing color palette, in Logobean navigate to My Logos on the left hand panel, click View Downloads on your logo and then click Brand Colors. Click on the first color to copy the color HEX code to your clipboard and paste it into the Canva color chooser. Repeat this until all of your brand colors are added to your Canva Brand Kit.

Why do I need a logo for my Canva designs?

Incorporating a logo into your Canva designs offers several benefits. Some of these benefits may include:

  1. A logo will add professional touch that enhances the overall look and credibility of your designs.
  2. A logo helps to reinforce your brand identity, making your content more recognizable and memorable to your audience.
  3. A logo can serve as a form of branding consistency across your various marketing materials, ensuring a cohesive visual presence across different platforms and channels.

Ultimately, a well-designed logo can significantly elevate the impact and effectiveness of your Canva designs.

What should I include in my Canva logo?

When crafting a logo for your Canva designs, it's important to include key elements that represent your brand effectively. Here's a few recommendations for you to consider:

Brand Name and Slogan - Feature your brand name prominently in the logo design to ensure instant recognition across your Canva designs.

Icon - Incorporate an icon that reflects your brand identity or the nature of your business. This could be anything from an abstract symbol, to an illustrative icon.

Colors - Choose logo and brand colors that align with your brand's personality and messaging. Consistency in color usage across your Canva designs will also help to strengthen your brand recognition.

Typography - Select a font style that complements your brand's aesthetic and conveys the right tone and message. Ensure legibility, especially when used in your smaller Canva designs.

Simplicity - Keep the design simple and uncluttered to ensure versatility and ease of recognition across various Canva designs, platforms and mediums.

Scalability - Design your logo to be scalable so that it remains clear and impactful whether it's displayed on a large Canva banner or a small social media Canva design.

Uniqueness - Aim for a design that sets your brand apart and makes it memorable to your audience. Avoid clichés and generic elements to help create a distinctive identity for your brand.

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