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Logo Design - Color Theory Best Practise (2023)

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A logo is a business's face in the world of branding. It's what consumers use to recall and connect with when thinking about your offering. There are several factors to take into account when creating a logo, with color theory being one of the most important. A logo's usefulness and the public's perception of it can be significantly influenced by color and it's use throughout your brand.

Why Does Color Theory Matter When Creating a Logo?

The study of how colors are applied, and also interact with one another, is known as color theory. This is crucial in logo design as the choice of color may affect the viewer's psychology towards a brand, including memorability, relevance and relatability. Designers must take into account how the audience will interpret the colors used when creating a logo. Colors can have distinct meanings that a consumer may conciously or sub-conciously experience or understand; making the choice of color used in logo design and branding crucial to how a consumer may percieve your business or brand offering.

Making The Best Color Choices For Your Logo

When creating a logo it's critical to pick colors that are appropriate for your business or brand image. The tone of your brand and the message you want to convey to your audience should be reflected in the colors you use. The following are some guidelines to follow when choosing colors for your logo;

Recognize the psychology of color:

It's crucial to comprehend color psychology before deciding on a color scheme for your logo. Colors can elicit different feelings and convey a variety meanings. For instance, red is frequently connected with passion and excitement whereas blue is often associated with professionalism and trust.

Decide on Colors That Represent Your Brand:

The personality and message of your brand should be reflected in the colors you select. If your brand is centred around nature or the environment, for example - you could choose to use greens and/or browns.

Think About The Sector:

Various industries frequently employ distinctive color palettes. For instance, the food industry frequently utilises red and yellow, but the Technology sector frequently uses blue and white.

Restrict the Colors You Use:

A logo with too many colors might be overpowering and perplexing. Limit your color palette to a primary color, and a few complementary colors that remain consistant with how you want to represent your brand.

Take Accessibility into Account:

When selecting colors, it's crucial to take color blindness and other visual impairments into account. For some people with visual impairments, it can be challenging to discriminate between colors that are too similar.

The Most Popular Color Schemes in 2023

Color trends change throughout time, like any other design component. While creating your logo in 2023, keep the following popular color schemes in mind.

Blue and orange: Blue is a well-liked brand color because it exudes professionalism and trust. It generates a feeling of enthusiasm and energy when combined with orange. Green and yellow: Attractive colors for eco-friendly brands since they are frequently connected to nature and the environment. When green is combined with yellow, it evokes feelings of joy and optimism. Pink and red: The use of red often stand for excitement and passion, while pink is frequently connected to femininity and romance. These colors appear strikingly contemporary when combined. Black and white:The traditional use of black and white is timeless. The colors black and white are frequently thought to be sophisticated and elegant.

Choosing your Perfect Color Palette with Logobean

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The use of color theory in logo design is crucial as it can significantly influence the meaning and impression of a brand. Understanding the fundamentals of color theory will help you choose the right color palette for your logo design, creating a successful and distinctive visual identity for your business.

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