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Brand Identity vs. Brand Image: What's the Difference?

Brand Identity vs. Brand Image: What's the Difference? blog article main image

Despite the fact that brand identity and brand image are sometimes used interchangeably, they have separate meanings and play different roles in developing a successful business. To establish a powerful and effective brand, it is essential to comprehend the distinction between these two concepts.

What Exactly is Brand Identity?

The visual and tactile characteristics that represent a brand, such as its name, logo, designs, and messaging, are referred to as its brand identity. The creation of a brand's identity is a deliberate and intentional process that entails careful evaluation of the brand's values, mission, and target audience. Establishing a consistent and identifiable visual identity that consumers can easily associate with a brand is vital for businesses of all sizes. This, in turn, serves to establish client trust and loyalty and helps firms stand out in a congested marketplace.

How to Create a Brand Identity in Minutes

At Logobean, we provide a variety of tools to assist businesses in developing a strong and professional brand identity, including our Logo Maker, logo ideas webpage, and blog. Our Logo Maker is a user-friendly tool that enables businesses to generate and customise logos and branded visuals immediately, and our logo ideas webpage provides inspiration and ideas to help businesses find the ideal logo design. Articles on our blog include topics such as building a brand identity and designing a logo, and give essential resources and information for businesses of all sizes.

What is Brand Image?

While brand identity refers to the tangible characteristics that characterise a business, brand image refers to the consumers' overall impression or view of a brand. This encompasses the brand's aesthetic aspects, as well as its reputation, values, and customer experience. Brand image is formed by a variety of elements, including the quality of the products or services delivered, the level of customer service provided, the reputation of the firm, and the message and advertising employed to promote the brand. While businesses have considerable control over their brand identities, consumer perceptions and experiences have a significant impact on brand image.

Why Both Brand Identity and Brand Image are Essential

Businesses must pay attention to both brand identity and brand image in order to create a successful brand. A strong brand identity enables companies to establish a consistent and recognisable visual identity, which in turn helps to build customer trust and loyalty. It also helps firms distinguish themselves from competition and stand out in a competitive market. Also, a positive brand image is necessary for recruiting and maintaining customers. Customers are more inclined to select a brand that they consider to be credible and trustworthy, and a positive brand image can aid in building and maintaining this perception.


Brand identity and brand image are two crucial elements for developing a successful brand. Although they are frequently used interchangeably, they have unique meanings and serve various purposes in developing a strong and effective brand. By understanding the distinction between brand identity and brand image, organisations can build a consistent and recognised visual identity while simultaneously cultivating a positive reputation and customer experience. At Logobean, we provide a variety of tools to assist businesses in developing a strong and professional brand identity, including our Logo Maker, logo ideas webpage, and blog. Using these tools, businesses can create a brand identity and image that effectively expresses their beliefs and mission, allowing them to stand out in a busy market.

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