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5 Logo Design Trends That Will Make You Stand Out in 2023

5 Logo Design Trends That Will Make You Stand Out in 2023 blog article main image

As your logo is the first thing customers see when they come into contact with your business, it is crucial to have one that leaves a good first impression. Keeping up with the most recent trends in logo design will help you produce a contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, and successful logo design. In this article, we'll examine the newest logo design fads that will set you apart in 2023!

An Introduction to Logo Design Trends

The most effective logos are those that are timeless and current; despite the on-going changes in design trends. You can build a logo that is contemporary, efficient, and representative of your brand by keeping up with the most recent trends in logo design. In order to make it simple for you to include the newest trends in your logo design, Logobean offers a free-to-use Logo Maker that immediately generates millions of logos (from your brand name) that you’re able to edit, customize and visualise in ultra-modern live, contextual previews!

Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2023

In 2023, the following top logo design trends will help your logo and brand stand out!

1. Bold and Minimalistic Design

For many years, minimalism has been a prominent trend in logo design, and that isn't likely to change anytime soon. Simple designs and a modern, but simple color palette are used in minimalistic logos to produce a sleek and clean appearance. The use of bold, sans-serif fonts, which exude confidence and strength, is the newest trend in minimalist design. Businesses who wish to portray a bold and contemporary image can benefit greatly from this design trend. You can choose from a variety of bold and simple logo templates in our Logo Maker, or you can design your own with our customization tools.

2. Geometric Patterns and Shapes

A logo can gain depth and complexity by including geometric shapes and patterns, which are a current design craze. A variety of interpretations are possible when abstract visuals are created using different shapes including squares, triangles, and circles. Using overlapping shapes to give a sense of movement and energy is the most recent geometric design trend. For companies that wish to portray themselves as cutting-edge and modern, yet remain timeless - this design trend is ideal. Visit our Geometric logo ideas for more information, and to access our geometric logo maker!

3. Color Gradients

The use of gradient colors in logo design is becoming more and more common since they give a logo more depth and dimension. A logo can be made more memorable by using gradients to create a visually beautiful and sleek design. The use of striking, eye-catching colors that jump out and attract attention is the very popular design trend in contemporary logo design. This design fad is ideal for companies who wish to portray themselves as exciting, lively, exotic and of high quality.

4. Hand Drawn

A design trend that gives your brand a more unique feel and is becoming increasingly popular, is hand-drawn logos. Hand-drawn logos are distinctive and present a brand as personable and genuine. Businesses that wish to project a more intimate and personal vibe frequently utilise them. Our Logo Maker provides a range of hand drawn design elements that may be modified to fit the identity of your brand.

5. Negative Space

In a logo design, negative space refers to the area surrounding an object. Your viewers will remember a design you made with intelligent and innovative use of negative space. A message or an image can be emphasised by using negative space. Negative space logos are frequently minimalist in style and is a well-liked trend that many companies are utilising.


In conclusion, keeping up with the most recent trends in logo design is crucial for any business that wants to remain current and relevant. You may develop a logo that is both modern and timeless that your audience can relate to by utilising the most recent trends in logo design. At Logobean, we provide a free-to-use Logo Maker that immediately generates millions of logo and branded material. You can make a logo that combines the newest trends by using our automatically generated logos, or customizing your own. To get design ideas and learn more about current logo design trends, visit our logo ideas page and blog. Create a logo that appeals to your target audience and stay on top of the newest trends in logo design!

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